Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Minimum Wage: Why is Something Good For Them, Bad for You?

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I think people think about this minimum wage issue in so many unfortunate ways.

Why are less people inclined to think hard work pays off? 

Because it doesn’t.

Why does increasing the minimum wage have to be bad for you? 

This is like thinking something good for someone else is something bad for you and just stewing over it and getting angry over it. 

How does that help you? 
How does that help anyone?  

Maybe, you should consider thinking differently about good things happening for others. 

There’s a reason why service has gone down at low wage jobs . . . because these jobs don’t pay the bills and rarely have benefits. Until recently, they would promote you to management in order to avoid paying you for overtime work. Thankfully, Obama changed that rule recently. 

Are you being paid enough for the work at your job? Odds are you probably are not. Does that mean that other people aren’t being paid adequately for their work? Odds are probably not. 

Productivity in America has increased steadily since the 1970s while wages have remained relatively stagnant. All the wealth has gone into the hands of the already wealthy. How does blaming the workers at McDonald’s make any sense? How does complaining about them possibly getting a raise in the minimum wage make any sense? 

If the minimum wage increases, anyone who makes that wage is going to likely spend all of that extra money directly into their local communities and local businesses. That helps your neighbors, your schools, your local governments. Why is that bad? 

Why do you have to make something good for someone else something bad for you? 

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