Thursday, May 21, 2015

Do Everything With All of You


If you're going to do something, do it with all of you, otherwise it's a worthless exercise that doesn't bear the fruits of your soul.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Currently Unreachable

I always strive to understand others, especially those who appear to have adamantly oppositional views and perspectives from my own. I actually approach most issues with the agenda of gaining additional understanding as opposed to solidifying my own. This tends to aggravate or frustrate others that wish to use common push and pull tactics to control or adequately predict the behavior of others. 

Despite my attempts at reaching understanding with others, I often seem to fail, especially in text-based environments. The most likely reason is the lack of human-to-human connection that exists in those settings. However, this also applies to anyone who must have me play the role of antagonist regardless of my actual actions, words, and intentions or the time, place and setting of the encounter.

I would call most of these people, and myself with regards to them specifically, currently unreachable. It’s not that understanding isn’t possible or isn’t even a potential through further contemplation or meditation, but that a direct and mutual understanding simply is not. 

This is simply a failing of my own creation. Some people don’t want to connect or to be understood. In fact, by my wading into their world I may have damaged them, triggered their reactivity or created a dynamic that they simply wish to ignore. This is not a healthy energy or atmosphere for me to create for not only others but for myself as well. 

This is a challenging notion for me to grapple with, but as I continue to move on with my life and begin selecting environments with people that are more open and hospitable to that dynamic and communicative understanding, I should be more mindful of those who simply are not currently reachable.