Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Moving Away from Aversive Responses

When we find ourselves confused by another’s behavior, we have a few choices. We can attempt to understand it, aversion or to simply ignore it. 

I have found those who choose aversion tend to lash out in way’s that are not helpful or conducive to moving forward. These people also recirculate and repeat their ideas and feelings about someone instead of effectively challenging those thoughts. 

If given the opportunity to engage or interact with the person at the focus of those thoughts and feelings, these people tend to not want to listen or expand their understanding but to reinforce their negative, aversive view of their target.

I strive to always challenge my own views as much as I challenge the views of others. It is unfortunate when others constantly, consistently work against others without any regard for understanding or compassion and certainly no ability to generate patience. These all require discipline.

We have to strive to build discipline. Otherwise, we not only work against our own better interests, we work against the better interests of all those in our lives.