Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Alan Rickman Brings Life to A Little Chaos

With all the negativity recirculating through our culture currently, here is a welcome reprieve and respite. It also happens to be a wonderful testament to the life, times, and talents of one Alan Rickman.

In A Little Chaos, not only does Mr. Rickman appear as Louis XIV, but he directs this delightful film about the conception and building of the iconic Gardens of Versailles interwoven with intrigue, drama, and romance, incapsulating the sadness, hopes, and fears we all share. 

Kate Winslet shines as the widowed gardener who inspires the King’s designer of this grandiose undertaking, played by Matthias Schoenaerts. What struck me was the quiet, subtle nature of both main roles as they stepped their way through the maze of their own lives’ past and present sufferings as well as the complicated and sometimes sad nature of nobility that looms around every corner. 

Rickman’s understated, quiet portrayal of King Louis XIV steeps the entire plot in intrigue and at times dread.

If you require an adventure through an emotionally tumultuous and tenuous landscape as rich as the very gardens that are the backdrop of this delightful film, or if you simply want to honor the passing of Alan Rickman, this is a must see film that will leave your spirits renewed, refreshed, and uplifted. 

Pictures: +Amazing World 

Debate is not about Convincing Anyone

If you think the objective of discussing issues with anyone on social media is to convince them of the validity of your arguments or convince them you're right and they're wrong, this has to be either frustrating or some other internal process is occurring within these exchanges.

I intentionally choose to discuss issues with people that have strong opinions that disagree with my own because I want my own ideas, perspectives, information, and sources challenged as thoroughly as I would have my own be challenged.

If this were to be about anyone being right and someone else being wrong, it begins to devolve into a fight and not an exchange of ideas. That's most likely why some people select ad hominem attacks over substantive arguments. 

Often, I find weaknesses, blind spots, and mistaken thought processes that I've made or have through this active, dynamic, and what I feel is a collaborative process. Maybe, the people I interact with don't see it this way, but that's not really my objective. 

That's what I'm after . . . To become better. Who cares about convincing anyone else.

Photos: +Wonderful WildLife 

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Waking Up to Every Day

+Amazing World
I'm here to support others in any shape, form, or way I can. That includes myself. 

Once I began figuring out some of the right ingredients, I began creating my recipe and figuring out the conditions most suitable for healthy living, thinking, and feeling. I've been able to better utilize all the tools, skills, and capacities that I've been trying to build.

The most important attribute anyone has at their disposal is relentlessness . . . to never give up and never stop striving every day. Truly, every single day that we wake up is yet another opportunity to bake a new day and learn again.

I am constantly and incessantly working to better myself. I won't stop, and neither should you, because you're worth it.