Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Responding to Minimum Wage Critics

Someone I've known for twenty years was railing against the minimum wage based on their experience when their wage was $5.35 an hour. He complained about people thinking it was important to have a phone, a TV or Internet access. Unfortunately, they weren't interested in my opinion nor our long time friendship.

I'd rather have a discussion about the minimum wage.

This was my response.


Do you understand what you're saying though? When you grew up there was no internet and people got their news from newspapers and from antennas on top of their houses, not from phones connected to the Internet. 

All of those supplies you mentioned are much more expensive now than they were then and the wages comparatively have risen minimally during the same time frame. Rent has increased, property taxes in most states and local jurisdictions is rising to fill the gap that federal and state budget cuts have forced upon them. 

The people that work those jobs aren't living lavish lives. They're barely making it. Probably, they aren't receiving healthcare from working either. Yet, you're upset about their phone, which may or may not have come free with their plan? 

Now, I'm not sure when you made $5.35 an hour in Dallas, but I very much doubt that was anytime this century. I would probably wager it wasn't even in the 90s. But, answer this question. If you made more money while you worked that job in Dallas would you have been able to better pay your bills, save money, purchase items, and enjoy your life? 

So, because you made $5.35 an hour whenever you did, you will always be against increasing the minimum wage? 


I then added this photo that depicts the top wage earners at some of our nation's top employers that do not want the minimum wage increased.

What are your thoughts on the minimum wage, increasing it, and the potential effects on the economy (locally, nationally and globally) if that were to take place?

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