Thursday, July 23, 2015

Focus on Daily Living with PTSD Therapy

Focusing on past trauma, repeatedly and often, is the wrong focus in PTSD therapy for too many. And, the evidence is building.

Habituation may yield some benefits, but as a primary focus in therapy seems both short-sighted and counterproductive. 

I've found much more success and progress in an approach that focuses on daily living and the present as opposed to continuously reliving the past.

At times, past traumas do present themselves as active in the here and now, and when these inevitably do, each should be focused on appropriately as obstacles and obstructions to daily living.

It is very difficult to break the cycle of PTSD as it becomes hard-wired in the brain. With continued work and guidance, both internally and externally, it is possible to rewire and reforge connections in the brain.

Never give up the fight with PTSD. This is the battle that continues long after the actual trauma is long over. 

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