Thursday, June 18, 2015

Taking Better Care of My Anger


Anger isn’t a terrible emotion. It’s an emotion that is telling us something. If we are quick to flash to anger, then that says something about our ability to take care of our anger. 

However, anger rarely takes over and becomes explosive for me. That being said, it still happens, and I have much work left to do. When it does, I really try to pay attention and ask myself the questions as to how and why. Generating understanding and compassion is always wonderful, but we must first have patience. 

Becoming angry is okay. Having that anger within us lash out at others, even those that might be watering the seeds of anger within us, is not taking care of our anger. It's allowing it to control us.

I know I can do better, and I strive every day I wake up to do just that. 

May I have the opportunity today to be more mindful and take care of my anger whenever and wherever I go. 

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