Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Last Gasp is The Sum of Life

Over 24 hours of sub-zero temperatures can assist a person’s laxity of mood, certainly. It can also aid in recognizing internal obstacles to progress.

Today was one of those opportunities. A lovely day for laxity percolated with internal exploration, punctuated with late bursts of productivity late into the night, this being one of those.

When your life has been hallmarked with starts and stops, some chosen, most not, we must take our motivations as they knock. Inspiration has no time card or schedule. Neither does bigotry or hatred, apparently.

The New Year, certainly, has opened with pomp, zeal and dying dreams. Be thankful for whatever it is that you’ve been given and especially for whatever has been taken away.

Come to find out, life is not about either of these token tangibles. It’s an internal struggle in how you sum up yourself. I would suggest stop asking others to do that summation for you. It is up to each of us to make this life whatever we want of it.

Yes, that most definitely requires others. Yes, we always can learn from situations and people. However, only we can do anything about our life. We just might be stuck inside the frigid winter until our last dying gasp of breath. 

Make certain that that last gasp is the sum of your account of your life, not someone else’s.

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