Monday, January 12, 2015

The Goal of Less Striving

Sitting with the mind intentionally . . . Amazing how much can take place between those intentional sessions. Why do I become so dissuaded from intentional sitting?

Intentional action and active thinking is simple. It's fluid, ongoing . . . an incessant stream when and if I allow it to be. But, intentional sitting . . . returning to the internal, eternal spring . . . the source of emptiness. That is the emptiness that many mistake for loss or void . . . It is everything because it is actually everything.

All the distractions of intentional acting obscure that, which is why I must strive to do less striving.


I actually managed to have a restful night's sleep after that. An immediate tangible result to intentional sitting and intentional no striving. Also, these arrived today.

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