Sunday, January 25, 2015

Breaking Through the Bulkhead Moment

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I had active-healing dreaming taking place early this morning. So, I woke up early to write out some broad ideas from the dreams and the activities that led to the damage that required the healing.

About a week and a half ago, in joyous exuberance I ended up overextending a leap, tripping and falling, and shortly after being kicked in the head by a concrete cherub, all in the 'safety' of the home. This began a stretch of unfortunate injuries, decisions and repercussions, possibly exacerbating both PTSD and concussion symptoms. 

One of these choices was watching American Sniper. I wanted to experience this movie for a multitude of reasons. I knew by its very nature that both fringes would be using it as a political weapon against the other, so watching it would inoculate me against biased views not based on reality. I was absolutely accurate on that prediction. My thoughts on the resulting controversies as well as on the movie itself I'll post later today on Rise of the Middle.

Of course, I knew watching the movie would undoubtedly trigger the hell out of my own PTSD, which it absolutely did. However, I am of the mindset that dealing with what develops from self-created opportunities of triggering PTSD can be highly productive when followed through until resolution. One week later I have managed that resolution and am much better for experiencing it.

Through the course of this week, I've had so many clumsy accidents resulting in injuries that at moments it was highly concerning. I never give up or surrender to physical, emotional, mental or external threats. I always meet these head-on . . . hence, the strategy involved in pressuring my mind such as I did. 

And, today, I feel resilient, buoyant and more. Yesterday, was able to visit a favorite outdoor place of mine, Allerton Park, with a friend. The sunlight, the walking and struggling through my injuries, the fresh air . . . it was the breaking though the internal bulkhead moment that helped crystallize the week's worth of struggles.

This dream I had was about transformative ideas. How does this happen? Initially in the dream, I struggled to figure out how to get those ideas into the mind. I came up with an idea . . . Drill down, toss in the dynamite (the transformative idea) and explode those ideas throughout your mind and into every aspect of your external daily life. What happened next was transformative! Check that out on The Ridding of Ignorance later today.

Enjoy the day! Yes, I know I just gave myself a lot of work to do.

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