Saturday, June 25, 2011

AT&AT: Astoundingly Tasty Albacore Tuna

Ok. Wow! Having just finished preparing this meal, I must delineate it’s creation.

Conjuring up pictures in my mind of an objective and taking a walk through the produce and freezer sections of the grocery store, I put together something out of this world.

If you’ve ever had doubt about the use of Tuna, please challenge those doubts now.

I had a package of Albacore Tuna in water, one of those flat packets, and I already had some garlic, butter and a wild rice mix. Walking through the produce section, I picked up a Vidalia onion, three roma tomatoes and two jalapeños. Then, not thrilled with the green items there, I slanted my way toward the freezer section for frozen vegetables. The green beans screamed out to me. Here we now would have off white, red and green coming together. Oh, I then picked up a lime, which seemed right for the Tuna.

Explorer Note- Cooking with Frozen Vegetables

Frozen vegetables can be easy to flavor. Warm dry herbs, throw in some butter, press some garlic into it, let it get bubbly, then throw the frozen vegetables into the bubbly, flavor zone, toss the vegetables all around the frying pan. The buttery mix will coat the frozen vegetables with flavor and butter, cooling the flavor and butter onto the vegetables. Then, you can add onions and peppers on top and allow it all to get back to bubbly buttery goodness level.

Then, I sautéed up some butter, garlic, onions and jalapeños, throw the Albacore Tuna into that and let it get all bubbly, throw the diced Roma Tomatoes on top, and stir it up. Let it sauté for a few minutes, then throw the green beans on top and stir in. Miraculously, I had picked up one lime, so I smashed that on the counter, then cut it in half and squeezed both halves into the bubbly, Tuna, Tomato and Green Bean mixture. Let it bubble away for a few minutes then turn off the heat.

When the wild rice mix was finished, stirred it up together, and I’ve got to say, the green beans exploded in my mouth, and everything else just dazzled the resulting explosion. So tasty. The lime juice actually tames the Tuna and wears well with the Tomatoes. It tastes fresh, light and amazing.

Explorer Exchange, Review-to-Present

In an earlier article, I discussed the creation and methods of development of another Tuna dish. This is a great enhancement on that project, bridged from the earlier exploration. The difference is extraordinary.

Without the cream cheese, the outcome is not weighed down whatsoever. The flavors and textures are extraordinary. The green beans are super charged, still hold a crunch and shockingly fresh. These green beans actually explode between the teeth, and you love every one of them. The flavor is so infused in and out of each green bean. The tomatoes compliment the Tuna, and the lime brings it all together. The texture of this particular rice blend is perfect alongside the juicy green beans. I am truly amazed at this one.

Explorer Moment

Exploring cooking is vital to a good life. Recipes are great, but creating your own can be exciting and tasty. Sometimes it doesn’t work out, but mostly it does. Either way, you learn and absorb knowledge and nutrients.
This is of course the goal with cooking, finding the best, most efficient ways to bring items together.

When I cook, the goal is simple, eating to live.

Turn around your daily activities. Explore them with an open mind.

Challenge your assumptions. Enjoy the experience. Enjoy Your Day.

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