Friday, June 24, 2011

The Exploration of Heart Burn

I’m always exploring my daily life for the subtle and obvious dependencies that deny me freedom and relief.

I suffered from heart burn for years. I took many medications over those years to counteract it. Those medications did provide relief, but if I did not take the medications, the heart burn was nearly unbearable. At times, the choice to take those heart burn medications was denied to me by conditions. Repeated moments of excruciating heart burn led me to get rid of this targeted dependency.

I began to consider the mind-body connection thoroughly.

What, if anything, was my body trying to do?

Heart burn, chronic acid reflux, is basically a cycling of stomach acid up and down the upper digestive system. To me, it seemed like the body was trying to hold on to what it had, instead of letting it continue its journey through the body toward the exit.

Immediately, it seemed absolutely simple. The mind, which I know attempts to hold onto this idea of the body being the self, is telling the body what to do here. As the mind tries to hold on, the body mimics the lead.

So, as the inevitable heart burn begins, I decided we would close our eyes and attempt to let go of anything in my mind. Shockingly, the heart burn went away every single time.

Initially, the heart burn would come back quickly. So, I would repeat the closing of the eyes and the mental letting go exercise. Every time, the heart burn would dissipate. It was mind blowing. I couldn’t believe it.

Over the course of just a little over a week, the heart burn would not resurface to the same degree. In less than a month the heart burn would not return again.

On the spot transformation of a real life, all too common physical issue.

What was necessary? Simple exploration of an ongoing situation.

Have an issue? Apply your mind.

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