Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Displaced Criticism of an HIV+ Child Star

The Huffington Post, amongst others, love to rain criticism on a childhood star who takes the courageous action of exposing his HIV status and personal story in such a public way in order to help others. Danny Pintauro, from Who's the Boss?, recently spoke to Oprah about his status.

Don't fault him for learning as he goes, and for the general public as well as for celebrity hosts being completely ignorant about science, health, and sex. 

Our country now prides itself on its ignorance. Challenging it . . . Standing up to it and just being yourself simultaneously is not easy. You can't possibly know the best answer to every question based in obscure ignorance unless you've been asked it in a crowd of people and had to answer it immediately and repeatedly. 
If you've never actually stood before a crowd of people or a camera and answered totally random questions in an off the cuff setting, you have no idea how it is to be placed squarely in the middle of the firestorm of public health, sex, and ignorance. 

Americans, in general, are wonderful, bright, insightful people. Those people that manage to get a platform aren't perfection personified. They aren't some reservoir of omniscient wisdom that can pierce the veil of every inane comment or question. Many people who ask these questions know what they are doing. They know that they are twisting the facts. They know better. However, they have an agenda. It should be obvious what Danny Pintauro's agenda is, right? To expose the truth about meth, sex, and HIV infections within the gay community. And, if anyone believes this to be just a gay issue, you haven't met all the people I've met over the past two decades. 

People who cut those down that stand before the public firing squad, willingly, when they, themselves, have never done this, themselves, have no idea what they ask of others because they simply have never demanded it of themselves. They only demand perfection of others. Anyone who doesn't meet their level of perfection or give them what they need they discredit and distort.

If you demand perfection of others, why don't you do something about it yourself?

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