Friday, September 11, 2015

Thoughts on 9/11

What separates and divides us is only in our minds. 

Today is the anniversary of when what others did to try and divide and destroy us brought us together as a country and as a world community. The people responsible used the fear, confusion, hatred, and anger within a few and weaponized it, slammed it into buildings, and set into motion a seemingly ceaseless series of violent images speckled with heroism, revenge, patriotism, and politics. 

That sense of togetherness we shared, if only for a moment, has long sense been forgotten and obscured. 

By our old divisions, old decisions, old ideas, old wars.
By our new divisions, new decisions, new ideas, new wars. 

What 9/11’s brutality uncovered was the real truth . . . our shared humanity, our shared pain, our shared suffering, and our shared human experience. 

What others may have forgotten has never left my heart, my mind, my soul. 

That connection to all things, to every creature, to every person on Earth.

That belief in each other.

I won’t forget.

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