Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Vets, Wages and the People in the Way

Some people in this country are just a bunch of angry, uninformed, uncaring pricks who would much rather have a few fight wars for them in the Middle East and not stay informed in what's going on in those wars. Then, when those who 'survive' do come home, the citizens do not hold their government accountable for taking care of their vets. 

When it comes to someone else, anyone else having a slightly better than horrible life where they work for a living, they'd much rather bitch and moan and stand in the way of that person's right to a living working wage, healthcare and a right to a good American life. It's far easier to attack those who are working 40, 50, 60 hours a week and who have no time to do anything else. It's far easier to attack someone than it is to understand another's life and perspective.  

Oh, and the striking difference in the parties on the latter issue is that one party will fight and fight hard to make a living working wage never happen and use vets as a rallying cry to make themselves look like they're strong on national defense when they're weak on veterans issues. 

Our vets languish in the worst bureaucratic nightmare of a healthcare system that is the VA while on the campaign trail the candidates all pat themselves on the back and protect each other and their pals from any undue criticism for their lack of results in fixing the VA and protecting vets. Meanwhile, our vets suffer. 

If a vet walks into the VA because he has trouble hearing, what do you think they tell him? They don't say, 'Let's get you a hearing aid' . . . They tell him, 'You can learn to read lips because there's nothing wrong with your hearing.'

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