Sunday, August 16, 2015

Garbage Journalism: The New Era of Politics and Punditry

The manner in which the MSM is covering this race is truly despicable. 

They dismiss Bernie Sanders, they allow inane questions and comments to be made disparaging Hillary Clinton's character, they dismiss all other outlier candidates on the Republican side (Trump, Fiorina, Carson, Cruz) even though some of these candidates receive no serious questions or scrutiny when given reporter's are given the opportunity.

It's just a lot of garbage journalism. You can't even call it yellow journalism anymore.

I watched this morning as pundits and politicians would state lies or half truths about the Clinton email scandal, and then another guest would attempt to correct the record, and the host or moderator would stop them to try to clamp down or avoid the clarification. 

What the hell is wrong with the media today? 

The MSM has a want and a desire to let these questions to linger through the 24/7 news cycle for weeks and months and even years on end. This plays into the hands of political pundits and politicians alike. On Capitol Hill these politicians wish to play politics instead of actually to do the work of the American people to protect our military and veterans both at home and abroad as well as our foreign diplomats and embassy personnel.

Instead of the modern day version of journalism and the media asking questions and receiving answers, both politicians, public figures, and media all work together to obfuscate, obstruct and confuse the American public.

Without due diligence, patience and objectivity, it is difficult to sort through the slants and biases, the answers, non-answers, the non-question questions.

We have to ask more from those who represent us, but we must also ask more from ourselves and each other. There is no other way for this corrupt system to change. 

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