Thursday, December 18, 2014

Moving Forward, Walking Mindfully

Today was a few more steps out of the PTSD haze. Over two and a half miles of walking is always a good overall refresher. The back and shoulders workout seemed to help realign the spine. However, it felt as if I had nearly pushed myself too much. Despite that, I embarked on an uphill cross country treadmill hike. In 30 minutes I trekked 2.25 miles before heading off on another trek across the town.

I've been mulling over a Ridding of Ignorance article about mindful walking for days. This has actually been what has helped bring me out of the PTSD haze, I think. With each step on all of my walks this week, I pondered the topic from many perspectives. I attempted to consider how to apply this to everyday life and how to express to those I know in my life.

I see people struggle to connect the experience and wisdom of the words of Dr. Wayne Dyer and Thich Nhat Hanh but definitely connecting the words within religious texts to creating outcomes seems particularly difficult for most.

Ultimately, it is up to someone to take the leap and apply what is read and learned in every breath and every step. No one else can do that.

In writing just this summary of making progress out of my PTSD haze, I completely lost it upon being interrupted, then being flung once again into a constantly changing system that I'm supposed to somehow manage. Then, I come back to finish this 'progress report' only to delete half of it accidentally. To lose it like that shows the extraordinary progress yet to make.

How fortunate to have so much work left to accomplish!

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