Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Migraine Mania, Opening to The New

I haven't had a migraine this excruciating for months. Not sure if something physiological is causing it or not, but it's so extreme, I'm trying to do anything to distract my mind from it.

This is actually doing it. Which is mildly entertaining, if not very irritating, considering the time. 

Today is the last day of 2014. Somehow, I did manage to make it to the last day. We shall see if I make it through the whole day. Laughing doesn't seem to help the migraine, mildly giggling/cackling, on the other hand, seems to ease it. Funny . . . Not so good. Silly . . . Works out. Okay.

If I do manage to make it through today, looking forward to a productive 2015, migraines aside, of course.  Rarely does pain drop me like this . . . But, I do tend to turn it into an opportunity.

Good times to all . . . Or at least learn something or go out and experience something new. Break out of the limited views of before. Take every person in your daily life as a teacher of yourself. Without others, it would be far more difficult to see our weaknesses and strengths.

The Sun is always shining. Day and Night. The same can be said of your potential. So, use it.

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