Friday, May 20, 2011

Exploring Eating

“I love exploring cooking to live! It’s such fun and makes me feel so amazing!”
Eating is part of every day. Even with fasting, eating is the central focus by what is not taking place. Exploring the act of eating, therefore, would be a worthwhile and advisable process for anyone.

There are so many aspects leading to and from eating. From what items we cook to what items we eat raw. From how we prepare the food to how we present that food for consumption. Is the food for just our self, or is it simply for others only?

The atmosphere of where we eat also plays a role in how eating affects us. Consider a candlelight dinner, or brunch on the lawn by the garden. Consider dinner from the kitchen, a restaurant or on the grill. Eating can be raised up to event status or be from pan to mouth.

The stress of cooking food in the kitchen can directly affect the relationship with eating food. Consider the differences in mood while cooking and while cleaning up after dinner has been served. The effects of mood on the digestive process are real.

Then, there’s how the food we eat is digested. There are actually ways to alter absorption, rate of digestion and countless other variables involved with eating. Imagine cherishing every bite of what you eat instead of cringing.

Financial resources also critically impact what and where we can eat. Exploring better ways to spend limited resources becomes increasingly important in an inflationary economic environment.

Do we choose organics? How about whole grains? What about the fat content in what we eat? Prepared foods or fresh produce? These are all questions with few one word answers. The goal is to minimize the use of our resources while maximizing the benefits.

While exploring daily living, we should not ignore one of the most critical roles we play in our entire life. Eating fuels everything we do and affects us even while we sleep.

Lift up the veil that covers up your awareness and transform the role eating plays in your everyday living.

The results are immediate. The feedback is real. The possibilities are endless.

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