Sunday, December 6, 2015

America's Issues with Mental Health, Violence, & Culture

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America has issues with thinking, feeling, and discussing mental health, violence, race, culture, & religion, and disagreements between and among one another on all of these societal issues. 

There absolutely is a youth component to some of these issues. There are actually neurological components to some of these problems that too many overlook. The young brain isn't able to learn and connect the dots as the healthy adult brain does. And, if those connections aren't created, fostered, and maintained in and throughout adolescence, the person will have difficult struggles the rest of their lives.

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Instead of parents being defensive about being seen as being wrong, mistaken, or even terrible parents, they'd rather blame anyone or anything else. And, if you dare comment or offer advice based on experience or research, they react in ways that are far more damaging to everyone involved.

Somewhere along the last few decades, people became concerned with being wrong, not having all the answers, and for needing & asking for help. 

It takes a village to raise a generation of people successfully. 

Our country has been failing at that for too long.

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