Monday, November 9, 2015

The War on Christmas is Back, Y'all

If it's Christmas, there's a war on it, apparently, right here in America.
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We all know of the conservative principle of telling businesses how to run their businesses in a Christian fundamentalist way, right? We need to get behind that conservative principle and force Starbucks to put a little holy blood in their coffee this holiday season.

When Jesus bought Starbucks during the holidays, he only bought Starbucks in 100% decked to your grandparents' halls with so much jolly Christmas cups, right?. It's in the Bible, y'all. 

No, it's an absolute honest to God war on Christmas. You betcha.

See the color of the cup. It's the color of blood. From the war, y'all.

You knew it when you saw it. If you didn't, you've already succumbed to the evil ways of logic, reasoning, and rational thought. Let go of those evil ways. Let go of that plain red cup.

This war on Christmas cannot take anymore prisoners. 

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