Sunday, February 8, 2015

Compromising in Relationships


Compromising begins with truly listening to your partner in order to gain a better understanding of and with your partner.

Compromising doesn’t mean changing who you are, but it can mean altering the choices and decisions you take in how it affects and impacts the life and general well-being of your partner.

Through real communication, partners can better understand what each other is actually doing and if it truly is the actions and behaviors that are creating friction and unease.  More likely, it is something more personal and individual taking place that creates an action or behavior as well as the reaction to those actions and behaviors.

If you enter into a conversation with your partner to ‘change’ that person, what you are doing is having it only your way. That really isn’t a conversation at all.

Changing long-standing behaviors is very difficult and takes diligence, patience and compassion from both partners. Some people aren’t aware of how others experience of the behaviors that have developed over the course of their lives.

 If you are making the relationship all about your comfort and how happy you are, maybe you’re not ready for an adult relationship.

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